Special offer on soil moisture (probe) sensor with solar logger

Your ‘eyes beneath the surface’

The sensors provide visibility of the moisture levels of your soils, enabling you to make informed decisions around irrigation application. In addition, they can be exceptionally useful at the shoulder periods of the irrigation season. With weather patterns becoming quite changeable during this time, they can help with the decision of when and where to irrigate.

Installing a soil measure and temperature sensor means you can:

  • Apply irrigation as efficiently as possible
  • See the bigger picture: you can stage your irrigation approach over time, spreading the cost.
  • Meet any FEP requirements

We’ve got a special offer on these combined with our solar logger: $1,850 each (500mm probe) for a limited time plus some installation costs and GST.

ADDITIONAL 10% discount for two or more probes, if ordered by 31 May 2020.

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